Saturday, October 3, 2009

Please don't buy Nike products or patronize the Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick was a highly-paid football player for the Phildelphia Eagles.

Michael Vick had a lucrative celebrity endorsement deal with NIKE.

Michael Vick was sent to prison for running a dog-fighting and gambling operation.

Court documents show Vick participated in the torture and execution (by hanging with wires) of “underperforming” dogs.

Sportstalk 610 reported Vick’s gang stole family pets, knocked their teeth out with a hammer, and allowed the fight dogs to tear apart the family pets as practice.

According to this USDA report, Vick thought it was fun for his fight dogs to kill and injure family pets.

Jeffrey Lurie’s Eagles now want to make Vick a muti-millionaire within weeks of leaving federal prison as part of what they call a “second chance”. They
now expect fans to cheer for Michael Vick.

In the news today it said NIKE was striking another endorsement deal with Michael Vick.

Please don't go to football games involving the Philadelphia Eagles team.

If the Philadelphia Eagles are playing on TV, please change the channel and watch a different game.


This last hurts me to say, for personal reasons, but I hope you don't patronize NIKE anymore.


  1. I'm with you there.
    Here also, in Britain we see 'sports personalities' behave in violent ways, rapes, assaults, the go to court, their expensive lawyers put them in a smart suit and bargain the time down, often the sentence is a fine, which they can pay as easy as buying a box of matches. As soon as they're freed, the teams start bidding for them, the sponsors wave wads of money.

    This guy should be barred from professional sport forever, and barred from advertising deals also.
    What sort of message is it? you can be a monster, and the world will reward you? throw him to his own dogs.

  2. Amen, man.

    The fact that they had to fire other law abiding citizens from the team to re-hire this fucker pissed me off!!!!!!!

    Why would ANYONE hire him???

    Retweeted your URL, BTW.

  3. I am with you. I've always thought humans abuse animals just by associating with them. Why can't they just leave them alone! This Vick fella sounds like a nightmare. But that's another story.

    I want to know why I don't warrant a birthday wish on this here blog right sharpish.

  4. I am not a super activist, but this sort of thing really makes me angry, both the people who do it and the facilitators. I guess it is not up to me to moralize, but sometimes I can't help it.

  5. I don't watch sports. I don't buy Nike - I'm more a generic brand buyer.

    However, anyone who takes pleasure in the pain of other creatures is a monster - in my opinion. And I don't understand why anyone would support it.



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