Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am Kreativ

Thank you to Sage at WiseHerb's Random Jottings for this Kreative (and very pretty) Blogger award. :)

Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you would never suspect.

First, I nominate 7 bloggers who deserve this award more than I do, because they are more creative. Much more.

1. Alison at Beloved-Eleanor, for her Victorian collections.
2. Sheila at A postcard a day, the most Kreativ Kollector I know.
3. Ettarose at Sanity on edge, for Kreativ photos and phun.
4. Janet at Adventures in the 32-Aker Wood, for her acting and for her Kreativ fingers.
5. Angelika at Angelika, for inspiration.
6. Chica at Lady Sarcasm, because nobody makes web pages better.
7. Soubriquet at Grit in the gears, not for his logic, but for his beautiful pottery.

These are all some of the most creative bloggers I know.

Please be sure and stop by Angelika's blog and pick up your MS ribbon. Thanks.
7 things you would never guess about me:

1. I write bad poetry
2. I don't really like country music
3. I am a registered Democrat
4. I have never set foot in Egypt
5. I am not really a little dog (I am a cat person)
6. I once played a Sousaphone in an NFL halftime show
7. I can name all the state capitols


  1. You are correct. I would never have guessed that you played the sousaphone at all, let alone @ an NFL halftime show. Interesting.

    Thanks for the award! :-)

  2. You may think I would never guess those things about you but I think I could, one or two.... :)

    Thank you for the award, it is much appreciated. Postcard collecting is rarely considered creative or even Kreative. :)

  3. I never saw the "cat person" thing, but I could believe the rest. As for 7, duh!

  4. May your creativity know no bounds! Who would have thought that such multi-functional creativity could lie within one being?

  5. We have 2 things in common then. My poetry is shit-tay at best. And I can also name all state capitals.
    Have a good weekend!

    PS- to follow up on Thoreau (I know, dead horse, beaten) - I do enjoy your opinions and would never try to take that away from you. I like how you challenge me to think outside my comfort zone, and enjoy seeing other points of view which may or may not differ from my own. Thank you for that.

  6. Those are all interesting things to know about you, whether they in fact clarify anything or not.

    Re Thoreau (that horse is still just hanging on, I believe, thanks to Redbeard76) - I used to like him a lot, but not so much anymore. He strikes me as a whiner. I was very disillusioned to learn that he left his Walden retreat regularly to go into Concord and stuff himself with cake.

  7. What? An award! for me?......

    Oh. I see. Not for my blogging. Well, that's understandable.

    Work on the pottery continues.
    I keep digging through my archives, for which read "A pile of boxes in a basement store, rarely visited for several years", and finding pots and reminders of what I used to do to make a living. The pay wasn't great, compared with, say, stocking shelves at Wal-Mart, or flipping e-coli-burgers somewhere or other, but the reward of doing something I truly love doing was far more important than money.
    Until, of course, the rent went up to three times what it had been. Then the sky fell on my head.
    So I started doing a real job, which dramatically improved my income, and also dramatically reduced my working hours.
    Did I ever mention that Henry Kissinger owned one of my teapots? And Raisa Gorbachev bought another?

    I am a very bad person when it comes to blogawards and memes though.
    The person I most wish to honour with an award is my late friend, and philosopher of the backhoe, Dodderyold fart, at:-

    His blog is still up, with his last post in place.

  8. Thank you ! :)

    I am glad that you are a cat person too...

  9. @Angelika - Well I did!

    @Sheila - But the way you do it is very Kreativ. :)

    @Stephanie B - Oh yeah? Well I did it in the 4th grade and it was HARD. A lot of things are hard for me, though. :)

    @A. - A little less sarcasm and a little more of that legendary Irish pleasing personality, please. Thank you.

    @Redbeard76 - I guess everyone can name them. Sigh. I thought it was impressive. There are, like, 40 of them ain't it?

    That is pure bullshit that the Mexican war had anything to do with slavery. "Let's fight Mexico and double our land mass so we can have more slave states." Holy Mackerel. You would HAVE to be a transcendentalist to come up with that conclusion. I'm starting to think Thoreau was really a stand-up comic having us all on. It all fits. Even the brother with lockjaw. A comedy GENIUS! Deadpan delivery. "Why are YOU not in jail?" Priceless! A visionary far ahead of his time, but for reasons NONE of you get! Me either until just now. I can see it now - Henry David Thoreau doing a guest appearance on the Smothers Brothers show, what? Impersonating Pat Paulson. Hell, look at that face! Thoreau WAS Pat Paulson.

    Now I ask you, can anybody prove that Thoreau ever really lived, and that he was not just an inside joke of Hawthorne, Emerson, et al, and the Hasty Pudding fraternity?


  10. Aww you like me. Yay. :) hehe thanks for the mention.

  11. Well thank you very much. I love awards especially from a good friend. As for the 7 things no one would guess, bullshit! Too tame and nothing we would not have guessed. I can definitely see you with a big old puss too. You know, a cat?

  12. @Chica and Ettarose - I know how much you both like captions. So I dug up a few good ones from around the web for you. I dedicate the lesbian one to both of you. Soon.

    (That has no implications. It is only a dedication.)



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