Thursday, October 15, 2009

Separated at birth, 3


  1. I know someone who really is the spitting image of Rooseveldt.

  2. I saw on the Today Show, or The Morning Show, or some show-that there is a sperm bank that has a celebrity look a like filter. The person in the story wanted a son that looked like Joey Lawrence.

    I'm with A. on this one, who are these people anyway?

  3. Hey... anyone there? Did you start another new blog Max without informing your public?

  4. @A, - You mean other than a big neon sign that says "Cheap Trick" and a photo caption that say "Huntz Hall"? No. And you are supposed to recognize Teddy Roosevelt. If you do then you can decide if the other guy looks like him. Why do you do this?

    I'll bite. Who do you know who is the spitting image?

    @Descartes - Who is Joey Lawrence?

    @Redbeard76 - Yes. And no.

  5. Nobody you know. But he looks more like him than the other one.



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