Sunday, April 4, 2010

Esther thoughts

Have you ever noticed that every picture you see of the empty tomb, it is always just at sunrise? Jesus got up early that day.

Well, who could blame him.

Like many others, I prefer to think of Jesus as a more tidy person.


  1. 1. If you didn't read the previous post this will be less funny for you. You might even think I misspelled Easter.

    2. There always has to be a two if there is a one. In this case I will use it to tell you that I know how to spell Easter. And Esther, for that matter.

  2. Dude, funny stuff. You have put me more in the Easter mood than anything could.


  3. I retract previous comment. You are awesome and BRILLIANT!

  4. Well, as I live and breath. Descartes has also returned form the ded. I was wandering wher you was. No, caint spell much. Good to see you though.

    @Shakespeare - You are always so kind. Are you sure you guys are sisters? Heh.

    @Janet - That's me. See my profile - you left out incredible and humble. :)



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