Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remembering Easter

Early Easter:

In the beginning, Easter was a swimming fool. Nothing else seemed to matter to her. Easter seldom even got out of the water, even having her meals laid at the side of the pool so she could grab bits and pieces as she swam by.

Her dedication paid off and she won many records and wide acclaim before she was even 20 years old. She peaked for the 1940 olympics but they were called off on account of war. Searching for a replacement swimming career, and not wanting to join the circus because of the traveling involved, she became a movie star.

To Easter's dismay, the movies always seemed to be about swimming. She began to suspect they had hired her for her name and fame and not her acting ability. She became more and more disillusioned as time went by. She would have walked away had it not been for Ricardo Montalban and the large amount of money they gave her.

Easter in later years:

Easter moved from the swimming pool to Chicago's south side and began making tv sitcoms. In an effort to finally and fully put her past behind her, she changed her race. Inspired by a name she saw stamped on an orange, she changed her name to "Florida".

The sun sets on Easter:

In her extreme later years, Easter died. The Good Times ended.

Disclaimer, required by the National Bloggers Union rules, as amended, made necessary by the people afflicted with ELS (Extreme Literalness Syndrome):
1. These are two different people; Esther Williams did not change her race. 2. Esther Rolle is dead. Esther Williams is NOT dead.


  1. There is no mention of bunnies or eggs.. Easter just isn't the same without them. lol

  2. Hi Kell. Stay away from those bunnies, hear? And don't get me started on eggs. 'Sup? Study hard. ;)

    @Janet - Is that you? Really? Coming out of Hibernation? Well, you are pretty awesome too, if your family is any measure. Thank you, and good to see you again. A fellow child holy roller. Cool! Wait. Kidding. I no longer make religious comments. Forgot again. ;(



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