Friday, September 4, 2009

Because you have all been mean to me lately... occurs to me that I haven't yet inflicted any of my recent Michigan vacation pictures on you and that none of you deserve not to be so uninflicted. I have made up very cute descriptive names for all of them. I took about 600 and here are some of the very worst. Just for you.

You can click on any of these pictures to look at them bigger if you think you have the stomach for it.

This one I call "Detroit Metro Through A Dirty Window But With Spirit". Get it? Get it?
The one below I call "Moses Parting the Corn". I'm forgot why I called it that.Okay, this one below I named "Driving Through My Brother's Woods On His Golf Cart That I Stole One Time". I do remember why I named it that.
This one below is probably obvious, but: "The Long and Winding Road, Except It Is Straight, Where I Saw All Those Deer In A Field Feeding Which You Can't See Because The Field Is On The Left Not In The Picture".
Below: "Some Vines Growing On Some Posts By Where You Start To Walk Across The Covered Bridge Over The River I Used To Water Ski On When I Was A Kid But You Can't Do That Anymore I Don't Think."
Below: "A Picture Of That Lake Down The Highway A Mile Or So From My Brother's Grocery Store I Think Or Maybe Some Other One". (There are 11,037 lakes in Michigan and it is often hard to keep them sorted.) This one I thought was a pretty damn good picture considering it was me that took it, though.
Below: A Flower By That Lake Down The Highway A Mile Or So From My Brother's Grocery Store". This one you should click on and look at it when it is bigger.
Below: "A Heart Attack Waiting To Happen At TGY Friday's At The Dallas Airport Which Isn't Really In Michigan." Damn right I ate it.
If you want to see more, you can see more of them here but I didn't bother naming all of them because I got tired of naming pictures. You can name them if you want, though.
Michigan Vacation August 2009


  1. We've been mean to you? When? I didn't think I had, but Google with its unerring sense of fair play insisted I visit a site which explains what I have to do:

    ~Take the time to reflect on what you did wrong—and then take a little more time to reflect on what you did wrong.

    ~Use words that are very clear and accurately convey your thoughts and sentiments. Be absolutely honest and show true sincerity when apologizing.

    Well, I can wholeheartedly apologize for not being at all sorry. And it really is the very least I can do.

    I love your pictures, but most especially the lake, no matter which one it is. And the wool(l)y church. :)

  2. I see so many pictures on-line that my eyes automatically roll up into my head when they're presented.

    So, hey, no harm, no foul.

  3. those pictures imply such serenity, yet you still return cantankerous.

    YOU stole a golf cart, did you bring it back? You could join my hood!

    And why is it all Bavarian Inns look the same?

  4. I hesitate to say it but several of those (shh, remarkably good) pictures of yours could be taken in England, even, I'm sorry to say, the burger thing at the bottom. How long ago was it when you were lecturing us about diets? ;)

  5. With that kind of photographic skill you could find gainful employment at just about any walmart.

    Hmm, maybe that was a tad mean. . .

  6. See what happens when you try to get all philosophical on us. Then we are mean, well I am not, but hey you reap what you sow. Love the pics.

  7. Every time I think of this, I envision my eyes going "lalalalalala."

  8. I didn't expect any sympathy. Buncha hosers.

    Well, you weren't ALL nasty. Some of you were actually pretty polite. :)



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