Monday, September 7, 2009


Most of us who blog do a fair amount of visiting other blogs, reading and commenting on the blogs of the nice people who follow us.

I can't help but notice, as I travel around, that there are a heck of a lot of different personalities out there. The blogs I visit are mostly people I know and whom I already know what their personality is like. (Their personality in the blogging world, at least.) But you really come across some genuine characters if you read the other people (that you don't really know) who are commenting on those blogs along with you.

Here is the personality profile of the day: The guy who always makes smart comments and tries to stand out from the rest of the herd by being outrageous. (Ok hosers, before you jump to conclusions, I'm not talking about myself.)

Remember the class clown in high school? Every class has one. He is always making smart remarks to things the teacher says. Everything he does screams, "NOTICE ME!" And we all laugh at him and salve his insecurities.

Okay, picture that guy. Then picture him 30 years later making a comment on a blog. His attention-getting outrageousness has worn pretty thin. He isn't quite so funny anymore and not nearly as cutting edge as you once thought he was. In fact, he is very irritating because he often ignores the point of the post and just tries to be outrageous. (I swear to God I am NOT talking about myself. Stop nodding and pointing.)

There's this guy (who does not comment on this blog, but who comments a lot on the blog of a person who DOES comment on this blog, and so I get to read some of his comments) who is always trying to seem "special" by making off the wall comments. I'm sure he thinks they are clever, witty, and outrageous in a hip, non-conformist antisocial way. The word "tedious" always pops into my mind, for some reason, when I read his (ummm, or "her") comments on my reader's blog, but I'm sure that word would never enter his mind when he is making his (often insulting, I think) comments.

I have a mind (honest I do!) that automatically translates bullshit into English. Today, he said something like "That is why I have decided never to reproduce." Only he said it in a much more clever and disdainful way than merely that. And I automatically go (in my mind, I mean), "Right. What you are saying is no woman has ever gone out with you because of your idiot mouth. And now you are in your fifties or whatever and never WILL get a woman to go out with you." He is right that he will never reproduce, he just has the wrong reason.

Everything the blogger says in his/her post will be put down or somehow ridiculed by this person. He prides himself in being a "contrarian" no matter what. If you say the sky is blue he will say it's pink, and he will expect you to laugh at his wit. Whatever the subject of the post or the opinion of the blogger, it will be scorned and belittled. It's not a matter of genuine disagreement, only trying to be contrary.

I don't personally have trouble with this kind of commentator. Occasionally, they come around but I berate them and their parents so mercilessly that they soon leave. I don't believe you should say nice things to hecklers (and, really, that's what they are.) If these people hang around your blog very long, it's your own fault.

One time I read with glee as my good friend Soubriquet upbraided a spammer on his blog. A work of art! That's what I am talking about! Why let them hang around?

There are a lot of personalities out there, and a lot of them are really fun. Meeting the fun people is a big reason why I blog. I only let the very best ones stay. That says a lot about YOU. :)


  1. A very interesting post and yes we all knew people like that at school, some of them grew up, others behave just as badly as they did back then... and still have an unhappy ability to make other peoples' lives a misery.

  2. I knew if I read down long enough, we'd get to the part where you were insulting me. I just had to wait for it. :)

    Two things. I don't delete or belittle people for thinking differently than I do (unless I see it doing harm, like perpetuating the anti-vaccine nonsense). If I did, we likely wouldn't have learned to appreciate each other, for I got much of the same reaction from other readers to some of the comments you have left on my blog. However, I had keyed into the fact you were bright, a thinker, not what one or two comments said about you (and, interestingly enough, the one most offended now has your blog on her bloglist, too).

    I'm not saying the commenter you mentioned is in the same class - his blog isn't on my bloglist for a reason (and yours is). But the sort of characteristics you mention are painfully obvious to the discerning reader and that's the kind I have. They don't need me to note the idiocy. They can read it themselves.

    And I'm lucky (as, in fact, I think you are) that the bulk of my commenters are of a much higher caliber.

  3. I've never personally experienced hecklers online, but have been apart of a few storms they've brought on to other blogging friends. It's never any fun, besides the fact I get a kick out of how shallow they get. It's mind boggling.

  4. Some people just don't realise they are being obnoxious. I have been berated on blogs when I've left what I thought was an innocuous remark. So who is the one being obnoxious?

    Fortunately I have never experienced any of this on my own blog, and indeed I have even reproduced. It's quite fun practising how.

  5. I have only had one heckler, but he apologized and left me an amazing bouquet of flowers on my front porch afterwords, so all is forgiven!

  6. It's not any worse than being shot down in flames when you comment. Some of us get a lot of that.

  7. When I first started using Entrecard one of the Big Mouths there came over and did his Troll act. Since he was a regular on a few of the blogs I visited back then I found that others saw him as a troll as well.

    I have had few problems since then, either with people who think they are those oh so funny morning DJs or with being run off from blogs myself. I have had the occasional spam attack.

    Still, I am not sure why anyone puts up with stuff.

  8. @Sage - I hope I don't embarrass you when I tell you that you are one of the "fun people" I was talking about when I explained why I blog. I still remember the very first time you stopped by my BritishSpeak long ago and explained about Cornish meat pies. :) So much of your writing has cheered me (and a lot of other people) since then. I'm glad I know you.

  9. @Stephanie B - Well, I wasn't trying to insult you at all. Honest. And I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about by assuming the example was on your blog. What an ego. Heh. :)

    I know you don't discourage opposing views. And you know I don't either. I'm not talking about opposing views - I'm talking about disruptive behavior which diminishes the experiences of other visitors, and which is disrespectful to the blogger being visited. If the comment doesn't advance the debate, or at least make someone chuckle, then what is the point?

    I speak to everyone differently. I wouldn't speak to a lot of people the way I speak to you because I know you are a person who isn't interested in beating around the bush. Sometimes I make the mistake of speaking to you on your blog the same way I speak to you here, and others get offended, I suppose. But my bluntness is never meant to be disrespect for you personally.

    Sometimes I can't think of anything to say about some of your posts. I'm not a fiction writer and I'm not a rocket scientist. In those cases I often still want to leave a comment, so I will be stupid in an attempt at humor. But you know that. I am not mocking you, just having fun.

    But I still think there is a difference between what I do and what other people do who are only trying to be disruptive. If I am disruptive or rude it is an accident; that isn't why I visit.

    I leave some pretty rude comments on Descartes blog, for example, but I think he gets it. It is a matter of playing off each other's personality. There's that word again.

  10. Ooooh, I feel so special to not have been Bozoed a long time ago!

    I don't have many spammers. Occasionally I go off. Sometimes I just make fun of them and they come back and delete their comment. For the most part, I delete the comments as soon as I notice them.

  11. @Chica - I haven't ever seen any real controversy on your blog either, other than what you stir up yourself. But nothing meanspirited or egotistical. But like you say, we sometimes see it happening in our travels around the blogosphere.

    I hope you are getting back up to speed and all smooth sailing now, btw. Thanks for stopping by.

    @A. - Oh, you've never been berated! Wait - you're talking about me again, aren't you? I would never berate you. :)

    @Debbie - That heckling wasn't on your blog. And the apology was very sincere. You're another one of those reasons I blog, you know. :)

    @Sheila - I think I'm starting to be sorry I ever brought this subject up in the first place. :)

    @Descartes - I remember Entrecard. I joined up the first day I started BritishSpeak. One of the first guys who showed up was a flamethrower I got into it with. Later I found out he was a psychopath known by name by the British police at his local town police station. His wife had some kind of restraining order on him. And here I was laying into him and telling him he could never qualify for a British Passport with his mental state, and calling him a shoe bomber and daring him to fly to the U.S.

    How smart is that? Sheesh. I don't do that anymore.

  12. You are quite the blogger there Relax Max. It took me a while to "get" you and now I look forward to your pithy remarks, when I get them that is. I realize my blog is probably too silly for you, but it takes all kinds to make the world to go around. I will say you do have one blog on your list that I think is one of the rudest people who thinks funny is to rip someone's blog apart, thinking they are "funny" I will not say who, just that there are some very nice people who have been his victims. I wonder if he has reproduced.

  13. @Ettarose - Your blog isn't too silly. I told you before I just can't always be bothered. Um,,, I mean I can't always think of a good comment to make. :)

    But I read you every day. I thought you said that counted. Liar. You asked for it. I'm going to trash your blog until you beg for mercy.



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