Sunday, September 6, 2009


Swaziland became independent of the United Kingdom on this day in history, September 6, 1968.

Swaziland is a landlocked country in the south of Africa, surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique.

Swaziland is a kingdom. It's king is Umbuso weSwatini.

Swaziland's economy is tied heavily to its neighbor South Africa, with 90% of its incoming goods coming from that country and about 70% of its exports going there. It's money is pegged to the SA Rand as well.

Swaziland has about 1.1 million people, 38.8% of whom are HIV positive or have AIDS, the highest percentage in the world. 60% of the population live on less than US$1.25 per day.

Also on this day in history, in 1620, the Pilgrims left Plymouth in the Mayflower for America.


  1. I wanted to say something clever about Pilgrims and Slavery and how the unlucky people of Swaziland were the ones left behind-but I really couldn't think of anything.

  2. What a difference 400 years makes, or 348 if you're going to split hairs. One country has developed, possibly beyond requirements, the other not so much. This has to be one of your most thought-provoking posts, to me anyway.

  3. @Descartes - That would have been cruel, though many in that part of the world share some of that thinking. Previous president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, for example, was more than a little sarcastic towards certain Americans when he said South African blacks hadn't had the advantages of American slavery. He is not alone in his thinking; many black Africans share his view of what constitutes being poor and oppressed. Being white, I have no opinion. If I DID have an opinion, I would probably think him wrong.

  4. @A. - I think I take exception to your assertion that America has progressed "not so much" in 400 years.

    Yes, I am quite deep at times.

    I poke fun. Else I would cry.



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