Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Loving yourself

Joycelyn Elders is best known for her brief outspoken tenure as Surgeon General of the United States under President Clinton. She was forced to resign after 15 months for suggesting that information about masturbation be included in sex education programs in schools.

"Always remember, masturbation never caused anybody to go crazy, never caused anybody to go blind, never caused hair to grow on your hands, and at least you know you're having sex with somebody you love."


  1. Was that the real reason, or just an excuse? Though I can well imagine the horror of certain sections of the general public at that. I read up about her, and if I can believe what I read it sounds as though she was led into saying it.

    I have yet to understand the mind set of people who raise their hands in horror at teen pregnancies but won't provide the wherewithal to prevent them.

    But perhaps this isn't meant to be a serious discussion. You may berate me. You probably will.

  2. Of course, I've never done this as far as you know.

    Someone explain to me why having this opinion (which is undoubtedly valid from a health standpoint) negates one's abilities as a health advocate. Exactly how bored are we as a nation...

    No wait, I forgot all the magazines and the people up in arms on the stupidest nonsense. *Sigh*

  3. @A. Would I lie to you? And of course it is a serious subject. As serious as choking the chicken gets, anyway.

    No way she was "led" into anything. She was, and is, an outspoken feisty woman who let the chips fall where they may. She spoke her mind. Unfortunately when you are in a position of national prominence, you can't do that. You must be nice and genteel.

    I would never berate you for doing it. For saying your piece I mean. Um... for giving us your honest opinion.

  4. @Stephanie B - It was an earlier, more innocent time. Clinton was smoking cigars in the oval office and Bush was still driving drunk. We were not ready for that kind of potty talk. She would fit right in today.



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