Monday, September 14, 2009

Johnny Cash

(Click to enlarge.)

I am still recommending LIFE magazine's extensive photo archive now available for viewing on Google here.


  1. I want you to find a way to stop me singing "Ring of Fire". Now please.

  2. I liked Social Distortion's version of Ring of Fire myself.

    I have wandered around these old images from time to time. They are interesting, but what exactly am supposed to do with them?

    I guess it is easier than collecting a million back issues of Life.

  3. @A. - I was more interested in the steam locomotive. Which I think is a fake, btw. Fake Hollywood steam for a photo of a locomotive long since decommissioned and sitting in a park somewhere. I say. I may be wrong. There are clues. But back to Ring of Fire. It could be worse. You could have the incredibly bad Social Distortion's version running through your throbbing head. (Or as Social Distortion would say, "motherfucking head". Btw, did you know that John's wife June Carter wrote that song? Thought not. :)

  4. @Descartes - What are you supposed to do with them? Ummmm... enjoy them?

    What are you supposed to do with music? Books? Movies? The Ballet?

    Different people like different things, man. Why shit on people who have different tastes than you?

    What am I supposed to do with that?

    I know: who cares.

  5. I like listening to Johnny Cash.. even his later albums recorded not long before his death have a uniqueness to them that will not be easily created by anyone else...

  6. Music? Books? Movies? The Ballet? People enjoy the ballet? Really?

  7. @Sage - He was definitely one-of-a-kind. Greatly missed.

    @Descartes - Some enjoy Ballet. I have not yet personally acquired the taste. My annual Christmas inoculation of the "Nutcracker" usually is enough to last me another year. Last year I sat close enough to the stage to throw spitballs down at the orchestra. So that helped.

    But others like ballet. That's all I was saying. Different strokes.



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