Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caution: very opinionated editorial

Just in case any of you are sorry you quit Entrecard, this will make you giggle.

I just read where they are making those smelly paid ads mandatory. But you can "opt out" if you pay them $50 a year.

I quit long ago because they started thinking my blog was their blog. Many of you did too. Then there was a second wave of good blogs who left them. I am sure this latest will see even more good folks leave.

The latest popular blog to leave recently was Sandee at Comedy Plus. This on the heels of Lidian FINALLY telling them to kiss her grits on her two VERY popular blogs.

Why are the rest of you staying? Remember at the beginning when we all met such wonderful new friends?

If you haven't done so yet, reclaim your blog. Dump Entrecard. They've already dumped on you.


  1. The reason why people stay is the traffic. The fact that the traffic is largely worthless seems to escape them. After I removed the widget from my blog I was still registering drops every day But Entrecard didn't want to know. There are bots about! Even apart from that, I haven't missed my drop and runners - good friends have stayed, the others never contributed anyway.

  2. Are they seriously? I didn't want to drop them - they make checking blogs I like (but not enough to have on my bloglist) much easier. However, I won't have paid ads so, if they want to make it mandatory, I'll be disappearing.

    I'm not desperately popular so I won't be much missed, but there you go.

  3. I'm with you, I dumped my entrecard a while ago. Can't pinpoint the exact reason why but they irritated me for some reason I suspect - too much spam or "get rich quick" links pestering me. Which is a shame, I've met so many fine stand up bloggers from it (not in real life - well some in real life, I've met Claire and Aerten-Kelly)...

  4. I gave up on Entrecard quite a while ago during the last paid ads uproar but I was already disillusioned. I did know about the new system because they continue to send me emails. I gave up on them doubly when they banned me from the forum for trying to explain to them. It had its moments though. I've met some good people through it.

    Probably because I never did the 300 a day dropping, my traffic has in fact increased since I left. Quite interesting to see where it comes from now that it isn't blurred by Entrecarders driving by.

  5. Plus I had a hell of a time trying to delete the Entrecard toolbar - after I deleted it, it was still there, it would NOT go away and would mix with another toolbar I used with Firefox. I also ended up dumping Firefox because of a host of other issues I was having with it and now happily (mostly) a Google Chrome user.

  6. I am grateful to Entrecard for the friends like you maxie that I might otherwise have missed. I am doubly grateful for them helping me understand just how precious time is and not to be wasted dropping cards!

    I left so very long ago, I didn't like the nasty attitudes some took in the forums towards friends of mine. Can't say I have missed it since, ever.

  7. It took me awhile but I got there, Max. You knew I was going to break out of EC eventually, didn't you? ;)

    I liked the traffic but it was mostly drop-and-run, of course.

    I am checking in on the forums in the spirit of eavesdropping with a hint of Schadenfreude. My EC widgets will be banished starting on Thursday, in accordance with the ads running out.

    I didn't know that the EC toolbar was so tenacious - sounds like fun trying to get away from it. Edgar Allan Poe should have written a story about it (or LeFanu).

  8. I dropped EC because if anything negative (in their minds) was said in the forums you were banned. Is that a democracy? Freedom of speech? The owner is an asshole to boot. I do not miss it because I have many friends that stuck with me. Like you!

  9. I had heard rumors they were under new management. Starting Oct 5 is when they will be charging "their network of blogs" $50 not to have paid ads. So nothing has changed with the management. It started out as a good idea. But you can make your own list of blogs to visit, without them.

  10. I can't remember when I dropped it, but it was a long while back.. now when I have some time to spare I go blogtrailing.. follow a random link from one blog to another and sometimes find myself in some interesting spaces.. some to revisit, others to pass on by swiftly but never yours.. yours in in the former category xx

  11. I dumped EC a looong time ago, before it even changed anything, when it as at it's prime. It was just a blogho machine, and I saw right thru it all. lol



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