Friday, July 17, 2009

Prometheus: champion of humankind, or just godly liverwurst?

Prometheus was a Titan. He stole fire from Zeus and returned it to humans so they could cook and warm themselves again. Zeus had been punishing mortals by keeping fire from them, and he was not amused. He had Prometheus bound to a rock and sent an eagle to come eat his liver every day. Each night it would grow back (he was immoral. I mean immortal) and the eagle would eat it again the next day. Eventually, Hercules shot the eagle and freed Prometheus from his chains.

It seems to be the fashion lately for bloggers to challenge their readers to caption odd photos, for the fun of it. I am terrible at this. So I have invented a new game that is akin to captioning photos. Maybe I will be better at this and maybe you will help me play the game. Instead of captioning a photo, I will take a situation and ask you to pen a moral to it. What do you think the moral (deeper meaning) of the above story might be?


Of course, I will need to think of a name for this game. I was thinking of "Moral, moral, who's got the moral?"


Picture John Belushi as Bluto Blutarski in Animal House handing out fraternity pens to the new pledges.

"Your new delta tau name is... Pinto"

"Pinto? Why Pinto?"

"Why not?"


  1. I'm no good at captions. I don't think I'm any good at morals either.

  2. (Prometheus means foresight. He had a brother who's name, I kid you not, means hindsight though I don't remember it.)

    Moral 1: Next time, look ahead and talk your brother into doing the dirty work. He'll never see it coming.

    Moral 2: Doing the right thing in the real world does not lead to success.

    Moral 3: You often change the status quo at your own expense.

    Moral 4: Immortality is overrated if you're not enjoying yourself.

  3. It requires more courage to suffer than to die.

  4. In that particular picture, it's a bit difficult to discern what exactly the eagle is after.

    So my moral would be -

    "Always wear underwear."

  5. Janet's entry is hereby declared unbeatable.

  6. Captions are for those of us who hurt when we think. They are meant to be silly and nothing more. Moral's on the other hand make my hair hurt. I could not top Janet's anyways.

  7. @A. - Your morals are just fine. :)

    @Stephanie B - I didn't know that How interesting about his brother, nd that makes your moral funny. About hindsight. Ok, "clever" not funny. :) But I like your #4 the best. That WAS good. And verrrry deep. A lot better than anything ol' Max could think of, I'll tell you.

    @A. - Another good one. You are definitely NOT without morals. :) So apt. So serious. I nominate that one for the next Aesop's Fables revision.

    @Janet - I might agree with A., except that yours is immoral. :) :)
    I don't know, Ms. Quixote. We'll have to think about that one.

    What bugs me is that I keep drawing a blank in my own little game. I am no better at this than I am at captioning Kel's or Ettarose's pictures!

    @Sheil - not so fast. It's good. It's funny. So are the others.

    I hadn't thought this far ahead: am I suppose to be judging these? I don't think I'm qualified if I can't come up with even one for myself.

    @Ettarose - But I LIKE your captions. I just can't do them!

    Well, I guess I have it narrowed down to three. So far. Maybe that bassoon lover Descartes will show up. He has a twisted mind that might fit this kind of thing. :)



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