Friday, July 31, 2009

Tightening up

After much deep and careful thought (over 4 minutes, actually - that's pretty deep and thoughtful for me) I have come to the momentous decision to not make my blog posts so long any more. Hold your applause, I didn't say I was going to stop blogging altogether.

It's not that I am yielding to all the sarcastic criticism you have dished out to me (especially Canucklehead) and it's not because I have lost a lot of regular readers. Well, maybe that. It's just that I am a person who likes to explore things more than superficially, but superficially is what blogging is all about.

I am going to continue to write essays and entire book chapters for future use, but I am no longer going to inflict myself on your good nature by posting the whole treatise on the blog. I will try to find a part of the whole that is interesting and post that. If you find it interesting, I may link to the entire essay or article (if it is not a chapter to some book I hope to someday publish.)

I have two current writing projects. The first is a historical sketch of Mexico and the second deals with tactics and aftermath of a certain battle of the American Civil War. Neither of these subjects is likely to amuse an international blogging audience, so you are unlikely to get much of these projects on the blog. But who knows.

Rest assured I will continue to belabor you with my unfortunate imagination. But not right now. :)


  1. The length of your posts never bothered me.

  2. I must say that I recall being given a lecture about some of my posts that are a mile long, that they would be better off as a chapter in some book instead of a blog post. Can't think who said that.

  3. I am thinking about exactly this strategy for Dime Museum - with the odd exception, I'll keep the posts shorter. Little history bites, not potential book chapters.

    Your longer projects sound really interesting and i hope you will keep us posted on how they are going...

  4. I read everything you post. I don't care how long they are. I always learn much. I don't always comment because I sometimes feel incompetent to do so, particularly concerning current political situations in other countries.



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