Thursday, July 2, 2009

R.I.P. Molly Sugden

Molly Sugden, "Are You Being Served's" Mrs. Slocombe, died Wednesday. She was 86.


  1. I had no idea. Yesterday? Wendy Richard died earlier this year. So sad.

  2. I will not miss her at all.

    Likewise mister Jackson.

  3. I remember Mollie Sugden first in the Liver Birds, more or less at the time when I was a student in Liverpool, so to me it feels like the end of an era. As such, it is sad. So too the death of Wendy Richard, even though she wasn't the world's best actress, but she was not so very much older than I am.

    As for Michael Jackson, well, he too was very young to die, but as far as I'm concerned, much of his life had already been wasted.

    I can't say that I can go so far as to say I will miss any of them either, but their deaths do make me feel some sadness, in different ways.

  4. Are You Being Served is one of those shows that our local PBS station loves to air and I have seen them all a dozen times. Mrs Slocombe and her pussy were always a high point of the show.

    That her always odd colored hair. Makes me a bit sad as well.

  5. @A - Wendy who? Sorry, A. I don't watch PBS and their 30-year-old reruns. I just liked her purple hair. Wendy was the sniffing homo guy, right?

    @Soubriquet - And how she hated you, too. She was reiterating that fact, I believe, with her last breath.

    Mistress Jackson was ambivalent about you, I believe.

    @A.- Let it go, dear.

    @Descartes - Your local PBS station likes to air them because they don't cost anything. They will still be airing them long after you have kicked the bucket. But you make me wish now that I had watched one all the way through instead of only pausing briefly on my way to HBO. But, seriously, knowing you are pulling my leg about watching those folks and their unfathomable British humor, save the pussy innuendos, wouldn't you much rather have been watching early Star Trek reruns and marveling at Kirk wearing a different-colored shirt every episode? I conjure up the purple-haired one being captured by Klingons and forced to watch one episode of "I love Lucy" over and over again - preferably the one where Ricky plays the conga drums and wears a puffy shirt - but the last segment is always omitted. But that's just me. Me and Klingons think alike.

  6. Dear? Who? Let what go, exactly?

  7. I met her a few times, so it's possible she might have harboured some bile upon my behalf, but I know not why that might be.
    I feel no need to vent my steaming spleen in her direction, I was just underwhelmed by her, and by the canned-laughter pablum for which she is mostly remembered.
    "Are You Being Served?" was a formulaic sitcom, at which thhuman equivalents of pithed frogs would guffaw, every time one of the set catch-phrases was rolled out. Pavlov's dogs, however, mostly slept through it.

  8. thhuman?
    oh. "the human".

    Gnomes kidnapped my keyboard, I am sending this to you by semaphore,-but, suddenly, I sneezed.

  9. @A. - Just let "it" go. You can stop mourning now. :)

    @Soubriquet - I was only joking. She didn't hate you. She didn't give a fig for you one way or the other.

    Where are you disappearing so often and long these days?



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