Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vote for Claire (please)

Please vote to send Claire to Antarctica.

1. We will all benefit because, well, she will be in Antarctica.

2. She will benefit because, well, she wants to go to Antarctica.

3. So the only real losers here are penguins.

Vote here

You have to register to vote. It doesn't take long. It will be worth it because she thinks there is internet in Antarctica. There isn't.


  1. I voted...I am going to southern Argentina at the end of the month and hope to see penguins, so how could I deny dear Claire?

  2. Yeah - umm, okay. I wouldn't go there for all the beer in - well, someplace with a LOT of beer (Oktoberfest?), but to each their own. I'm on my way ...

  3. Bundle up Debbie. But I know you'll have fun.

    Canuck, they garrantee to keep your beer on ice down there.

    Thank you both for voting. Only a few thousand more votes to go!



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